New Addition to the Man Cave

John Drinks

My man cave isn’t a misnomer: it really kind of a cave—it’s in the basement of our house and there is only one tiny window. I’ve got a nice sized tv in there, the lounge chair from my bachelor days, and the requisite sports décor. There was really only one thing missing: a bar.

Seems odd that someone who loves homebrewing and beer as much as I do would be lacking a bar, doesn’t it? Well—I remedied that this week, folks! And by remedied, I mean I spent a bunch of money on a truckload of wood, tools, stain, and hardware (literally. The bed of my truck was full) to build myself a custom bar. I figured a handcrafted beer deserves a handcrafted bar, right?

I am not what you would call incredibly gifted with tools, but between the plans I bought online and some handy dandy youtube videos, I was confident that I’d be able to figure the whole thing out. Measure twice, cut once and all that. The wife was doubtful as I sat and watched DIY videos one after the other. It took me about a week before I felt even remotely confident enough to go back to the hardware store and ask them to walk me through a few things, haha. Then I really looked at the plans, and I felt a lot better. Basically, I would be making a rectangular box with a top. No intricate designs, no curves anywhere. I could do most of it with a good saw, some nails, and a hammer.

That was all I needed to hear! Two weeks ago, I cut all the wood (after measuring twice, of course). I stained it all after the cutting was done because I wanted to be able to put it together as one big day long project.  I didn’t want the waiting for paint dry stuff to screw up my whole weekend. This worked out OK for me because I could paint a few pieces after work every night and let them dry as I went along. I wrapped up the painting and staining on a Thursday so that everything would be dry that coming Saturday for the big assembly day: my big plan was to get it all together in one day, and then be able to break in the new bar on Sunday in time for the big game.

I started assembly of the bar and the going was slow but it went. Staining it beforehand meant I needed to be a little more careful than I wanted to be so that I didn’t damage the finish of the bar. It happened a little anyway, especially on the top, which meant that I needed to do a little bit of touch up work with the stain. But my bar was done on Saturday, and I was able to add some (store bought) bar stools in time for the game.

Man cave: complete. It is officially the coolest room in the whole house.