It’s Finally Fall

John Drinks

I love the fall. First of all, I hate the heat of summer. I hate shorts and I hate sandals—at least on guys, I do. There just aren’t that many dudes that can pull that look off. In the summer, I also have to be careful how much I drink because it’s easy to dehydrate when you’re having abeer in the heat. I also hate winter. Mostly because I hate all of the stupid snow and the shoveling. Oh—the shoveling! I almost want to move somewhere warmer just so I won’t have to do that anymore. I cannot wait for the day when my son is old enough that I can turn over the dreaded task of snow removal to him and feed his probable eagerness to buy a car. And I’m allergic to spring, so that’s out. Every flower, every green spot on the trees and in the lawn make me sneeze.

But fall—I like fall. There’s leaf raking, sure, but at least the weather is tolerable when I am out there toiling away. The kids are back in school and stop driving my wife crazy with all their summertime demands for attention, which means she’s in a better mood—and that means the quality of life improves for every single person in the whole house, let me tell you. Fall is also time for football, which is my favorite of all sports. My weekends in the fall are totally set: Saturday college football and Sunday is the NFL game. Makes things easy. I am a guy of routine, after all.

Another thing I like about fall is the beer. That should have been obvious to you, right? There are lots of Oktoberfest type things that go on, which are “educational” for the kids. My kids are experts on stein designs and lederhosen by now, but also German history (minus, you know, the obviously bad parts; they can get that in school). Poor little devils can’t enjoy the good stuff, because as we all know there is really only one reason to attend any kind of German fall festival:these events are like heaven for any beer aficionado, like myself or you, blog reader. If somebody puts “Oktoberfest” on a bottle of beer, I am going to try it. That’s just the way I am. I just really like the flavors that come out this time of year. I don’t want a pumpkin spice latte but I’ll definitely take a pumpkin spice beer! You know the type: a spicy beer that warms you up on a chilly night with some brown sugar around the mouth of the glass. There’s nothing better after a long day of raking leaves, I promise you that. It takes me forever to rake the front yard, and we don’t even have all that many trees. My neighbor does, though, and we live downwind of him. That means his leaves are actually our leaves. So kind of him to share.

What about you? Anything specific you like about this time of year?