If You Build It, They Will Come

John Drinks

If you are lucky, you might just get invited over for some home brewed beer. Coming up with new tastes and flavors is my passion. I can’t drink it all, so I am open to friends, neighbors, and colleagues (no strangers please). I enter any contest I can and the word has gotten around that I am a real contender. I am also an amateur do-it-yourselfer and enjoy woodworking in my spare time. I recently helped a friend build a home bar since he has seen and admired mine. I got out all the tools and he bought the lumber and a special marble slab for the counter top. We set aside a week end afternoon for the project and decided to watch a movie and sip some suds that night. His wife was happy to cook a hot meal. It should have been an ideal day.

However….something went wrong. I was using a work bench and some woodworking clamps. Unfortunately, one of the clamps slipped and I got hurt, but luckily I’d read this guide and bought some personal protective gear. It wasn’t an emergency room situation, but there was some real pain involved. We had to halt the project for an hour. After a few aspirin, I was back at work. I was looking forward to the evening so I plugged away. With the two of us creating a construction team, the bar was assembled in no time flat. The finishing touches took longer. On a break, we talked about the parties and get-togethers he could have. He wanted to start entertaining and would offer some of my special brew to his fellow beer lovers.

Getting injured throws you. You don’t expect it to happen, and not with a woodworking clamp. At least it wasn’t a nail gun or electric saw. Now that would not be pretty. It would probably end my do-it-yourself career. I must regain my confidence with tools as these can be implements of torture. I am happy to have provided my friend with a focus for his man cave events. He has a nice space and I welcome an opportunity to share my brew. I am making more these days as I have him to consider. I like having a purpose for my special craft. He has even expressed interest in learning this trade. I would help him select a starter kit and the required supplies. I would give him some starter recipes and information on kegging. We are real birds of a feather. If he takes to this hobby, things can get more sophisticated.

I have put the woodworking clamps away for now and am spending time socializing over glasses of beer. It is a great way to build camaraderie and bond with new friends. Let me tell you that making home brew will open many doors for you. You will be particularly popular at the office and in your neighborhood. You never have to worry about gifts to give men.