Homebrew Upgrades

John Life

I love my new Danze Parma one handle pre-rinse spring spout kitchen faucet. It is a long name as it is long on dazzling features. I wanted to make some updates to my homebrew system since it has been years since it was first installed. I belief what they tell me: use better ingredients and equipment to up your fame. Not least of my changes was a quality faucet. Who but a brewpub owner would make such a fuss over a simple gadget? If you have seen other models on Kitchen Faucet Depot, this one stands out by far. Just look at that coil, the nozzle and the lever. It is worthy of my set up for sure. In fact, it will add another dimension to the overall look. Yes, it is all about the brew and the taste, not to mention the process, but now I am into décor and functionality on another level. I started with design in mind and am ending up with the very best.

I must tell you what the Danze is like. Its flow rate is superior, and it has a two-function spray and aerated stream. Love the details! The spout is powerful and has this amazing industrial look. A ceramic disc value provides a tight seal for drip-free performance. Plus, there is no worry about lead content. You mount it with a single hole which is the modern way of installation. At first, I invited everyone over to observe. Now, I am back to the brewing business so to speak. By this, I mean entertaining the guys on game night. I am trying some new recipes and want some feedback on the taste and color. If someone mentions the faucet, I am happy to listen.

Good times abound when you have a home brewpub. I am lucky indeed. I have made the most of the system over the years and I highly recommend newbies to get involved. You can start small and grow as you learn. At some point, I have thought of becoming professional and selling my production. I will have to move the whole enterprise to another location, however, which suits me just fine. I know you can get everything you need online. It is more than a hobby to be sure. You will soon see that it can be an obsession. You can get various kits with specialty grains. There is a whole new world out there for you, and me. A master brewer’s equipment kit with draft brewer will run you $400-700. It is well worth every penny, plus you get the works in one fell swoop. For this price you get a comprehensive collection of equipment, an extra carboy, and experimenting and testing gear at the advanced level. You will be able to keg your first batch. I remember the excitement. You will learn how to carbonate your beer, not an easy task, with a good keg system. It happens in days now instead of weeks. You can also bottle your beer to take anywhere you like. What are you waiting for?