Fishing Trip

John Life

I am a big fishing fanatic and was more than happy to accept an invitation to practice our skills on a childhood friend’s boat. It is a bit of an old geezer but is just fine for our purposes. As long as the motor works, who cares about a bit of peeling paint. I looked forward to it for days and checked out my old gear, replacing things as needed. I would of course bring the beer—only the best for the two of us. It is always made in my brewpub. I love to share on special occasions. We would spend the day deep water fishing to get the best catch. No more small fries when dropping a line off the pier like when we were kids. We were big boys now.

We have the best memories and are always happy to make more. We have a photo album showing us fishing through the years. He selected some music to inspire us which he blasted from the best marine speakers I’ve ever heard. It was nice not to have absolute silence, although it is better for the fish. He swears that his selection of tunes will attract them in droves. I don’t believe it for a minute. Well, whatever works is fine with me. I will withhold judgement until the end of our cruise.

I love being out to sea on a nice day when I don’t have to fend off the wind. I wore sunscreen and a hat to make sure I didn’t suffer from sun exposure either. I didn’t want to go home as red as a beet. We like to help each other reel in the big one although it doesn’t happen that often. We also like to tell fish stories to our relatives friends. They know us by now and seldom listen. Today, however was a bit different. We had something impressive to show. We both caught larger than average fish, the kind you want to mount over your fireplace. Instead, however, we planned a post-trip fish fry when back on land.

We gutted the fish on board and wrapped our dinner in ice. After tossing the innards, we proceeded to a site nearby where you were allowed to cook over an open pit. There is nothing like fresh fish, my friend. We had enough to eat now and take some home. It was in the cooler in the van. As the fish cooked, I opened a few beers left over from the day. They were still cold and invigorating. Homemade brew and fresh fish is a winning combination. We didn’t need anything else. A real gourmet would have brought wedges of lemon, but my friend and I wanted to rough it. Ha! We simply forgot. It would have been easy enough to store in the cooler wrapped in foil. It was a delicious way to end a fabulous day of fishing and camaraderie, not to mention our favorite music. If there is such a thing as “fishing music,” then my friend has found it. We’ll send our playlist.