Brewing Your Individuality

John Life

People say I think outside the box. Who else would create a complete home brewery on their residential premises? I take it as a compliment. I pride myself on my free thinking and doing what is different and unique. I might be the only brewpub in the neighborhood, but there is more. I have a workbench in the garage where I fashion old barn wood into repurposed objects. You can see that these interests keep me preoccupied and at home.

The rest of the time I go to work like anyone else. However, it is not in the traditional way in keeping with my “image.” One sign of my independence is the backpack I tote, filled with my daily needs. No stuffy briefcase for me. The backpack can hold more items and is easy to stow under a desk. I always used to kick my briefcase accidentally until it showed significant wear and tear. The backpack is soft and resilient while it protects my laptop perfectly. It is a necessity of life. I know there is a style out there for just about anybody and there’s a guide on Business Bag Review that will help you find the right one for you. You can show your own originality by selecting something that screams “you.”

Women with children use them instead of baby bags because they can keep them after the child grows beyond diapers. They come in print designs and pretty colors. They do double duty as totes and handbags. Teens love their backpacks as much as I do. They can display patches of their favorite sports teams or cartoon characters. They like denim the best. When it is time for college, the patch gets replaced by the school logo. The bag gets stuffed when it is time to go home for the weekend. Even two or three textbooks can fit inside. And then there are “businessmen” like me. I don’t see many backpacks in corporate America, but they are de rigueur in the high-tech world.

What style backpack best suits you? It sounds like a question you would get on Facebook like the ones that ask “what color are you” or “what TV character is your alter ego.” Maybe you are trendy and chic and your backpack is leather with silver trim and rivets. You could be Mr. Conservative and have a heavy brown fabric with no frills. Fancy Dan loves leather inside and out. A practical Joe will choose a waterproof plastic “faux” look that can handle rain, sleet, or snow—and a ride on the bus every day. A weekend warrior loves an oversized model with extra compartments for a change of clothes and shoes.

When it comes time to select your backpack, take your special needs into consideration and the “look” you want to achieve. People will make assumptions about you based on your choice. They will dislike it and sneer, envy you, or just find it boring and run of the mill. Let your selection express your personality as an accessory for your busy life.